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Region in Focus: Latin America

As a worldwide platform, WAO Journal offers a special opportunity for the exchange of information and ideas among different regions of the world, providing a truly global outlook on allergy, asthma and clinical immunology. We are very pleased to be able to highlight some of the recent articles being produced by authors* from Latin American countries.


Particularities of allergy in the Tropics

Luis Caraballo, Josefina Zakzuk, Bee Wah Lee, Nathalie Acevedo, Jian Yi Soh, Mario Sánchez-Borges, Elham Hossny, Elizabeth García, Nelson Rosario, Ignacio Ansotegui, Leonardo Puerta, Jorge Sánchez and Victoria Cardona

How an online survey on the treatment of allergic rhinitis and its impact on asthma (ARIA) detected specialty-specific knowledge-gaps
Désirée ES Larenas Linnemann, Miguel Alejandro Medina Ávalos and José Lozano Sáenz
Urticarial vasculitis induced by OTC diet pills: a case report
Iván Chérrez Ojeda, Enrique Loayza, Leonardo Greiding, Juan Carlos Calderón, Annia Cherrez and Farid Adum
The IgE response to Ascaris molecular components is associated with clinical indicators of asthma severity
Emiro Buendía, Josefina Zakzuk, Dilia Mercado, Alvaro Alvarez and Luis Caraballo
Omalizumab vs. placebo in the management of chronic idiopathic urticaria: a systematic review
Diana C Carrillo, Mario Borges, Elizabeth García, Eduardo Egea, Carlos D Serrano
Comparative efficacy of non-sedating antihistamine updosing in patients with chronic urticaria
Mario Sánchez-Borges, Ignacio Ansotegui, Jorge Montero Jimenez, Maria Isabel Rojo, Carlos Serrano, Anahí Yañez
Current status and future perspectives of immunotherapy in Latin America and Cuba
Alexander Diaz Rodriguez, Alexis Labrada Rosado, Raúl Lázaro Castro Almarales, Mirta Álvarez Castelló
Montelukast for the high impact of asthma exacerbations in Venezuela: a practical and valid approach for Latin America?
Arnaldo Capriles Hulett, Maria Gonzalez Yibirin, Amaris Garcia, Dollys Hurtado
Asthma in the elderly: what we know and what we have yet to know
Anahí Yáñez, Sang-Hoen Cho, Joan B Soriano, Lanny J Rosenwasser, Gustavo J Rodrigo, Klaus F Rabe, Stephen Peters, Akio Niimi, Dennis K Ledford, Rohit Katial, Flavia CL Hoyte, Leonardo M Fabbri, Juan C Celedón, Giorgio Canonica, Paula Busse, Louis-Phillippe Boulet, Carlos E Baena-Cagnani, Qutayba Hamid, Claus Bachert, Ruby Pawankar, Stephen T Holgate, the WAO Special Committee on Asthma
AQUA© as predictor of allergy in elite marathon runners
Renata N Teixeira, Felipe AR Mendes, Milton A Martins, Timothy D Mickleborough, Celso RF Carvalho
M2 Muscarinic acetylcholine receptor modulates rat airway smooth muscle cell proliferation
Fabiola A Placeres-Uray, Christopher A Febres-Aldana, Ruth Fernandez-Ruiz, Ramona Gonzalez de Alfonzo, Itala A Lippo de Becemberg, Marcelo J Alfonzo
Asthma and the socio-economic reality in Brazil
Eduardo Costa, Mauricio Bregman, Denizar V Araujo, Claudia H Costa, Rogerio Rufino
Insights, attitudes, and perceptions about asthma and its treatment: findings from a multinational survey of patients from Latin America
Jorge F Maspero, Jose R Jardim, Alvaro Aranda, Paolo Tassinari C, Sandra N Gonzalez-Diaz, Raul H Sansores, Jorge J Moreno-Cantu, James E Fish

*Country assigned according to the corresponding author's location.

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