Volume 5 Supplement 3

Managing Co-Morbid Asthma With Allergic Rhinitis: Targeting the One-Airway With Leukotriene Receptor Antagonists

Symposium Report Supplement

  1. Symposium Report Supplement

    Allergic Rhinitis and Its Impact on Asthma in Asia Pacific and the ARIA Update 2008

    The prevalence of allergic diseases such as allergic rhinitis (AR) and asthma are markedly increasing to epidemic proportions worldwide as societies adopt Western lifestyles. An estimated 300 million persons w...

    Ruby Pawankar, Chaweewan Bunnag, Nikolai Khaltaev and Jean Bousquet

    World Allergy Organization Journal 2012 5(Suppl 3):S212

    Published on: 17 April 2012

  2. Symposium Report Supplement

    Asthma in Patients With Japanese Cedar Pollinosis

    Japanese cedar pollen is the most common causative allergen for seasonal allergic rhinitis (AR) in Japan. More commonly known as Japanese cedar pollinosis, it occurs in spring causing the typical symptoms of s...

    Akihiko Tanaka, Kenji Minoguchi, Ruby Pawankar and Mitsuru Adachi

    World Allergy Organization Journal 2012 5(Suppl 3):S218

    Published on: 17 April 2012