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Table 2 Summary of Findings

From: Probiotics as treatment for food allergies among pediatric patients: a meta-analysis

OutcomesAnticipated absolute effects* (95% CI)Relative effect (95% CI)№ of participants (studies)Certainty of the evidence (GRADE)Comments
Risk with placeboRisk with Probiotics
SCORAD index assessed with: mean differenceThe mean new outcome was 0The mean new outcome in the intervention group was 1.3 lower (3.88 lower to 1.28 higher)414 (2 RCTs)
No tolerance (Failure to acquire tolerance) assessed with: relative risk453 per 1000317 per 1000 (177 to 571)RR 0.70 (0.39 to 1.26)314 (4 RCTs)
LOW a,b
  1. CI Confidence interval, RR Risk ratio, MD Mean difference
  2. aSerious imprecision due to wide confidence intervals straddling the no-effect line
  3. bHigh risk of attrition bias in 3 out of 4 studies