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Table 1 Common food co-allergies in children with FPIES [1]

From: Food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome: a review of the new guidelines

FPIES to Clinical cross-reactivity/co-allergy Observed Occurrencea
Cow’s milk Soy <30–40%
Any solid food <16%
Soy Cow’s Milk <30–40%
Any solid food <16%
Solid food (any) Another solid food <44%
Cow’s milk or soy <25%
Legumesa Soy <80%
Grains: rice, oats, etc.a Other grains (including rice) about 50%
Poultrya Other poultry <40%
  1. awhere a child already tolerates a food type in a particular group (e.g. beans), clinical reactions to other members of the same group (e.g. other legumes) are unlikely. Caution is warranted in interpreting these data as they were derived from single centers and from patient populations skewed towards the more severe phenotype of FPIES and may overestimate the actual risk of co-allergy