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Table 2 Comparison of particle size and lung delivery among selected inhaled corticosteroid therapies [82]

From: Small airways disease and severe asthma

Drug Formulation Particle size (microns) Lung deposition
Fluticasone DPI Dry powder 5.4 μm 15%
Fluticasone HFA Suspension 2.4 μm 13–18%
BDP- Modulite® Suspension 2.6 μm 36%
BDP UF-HFA Solution 1.1 μm >56%
Ciclesonide HFA Solution 1–2 μm 52%
Flunisolide HFA Solution 1.2 μm 68%
  1. BDP beclomethasone dipropionate, DPI dry powder inhaler, HFA hydrofluoroalkane, UF ultrafine