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Table 1 Potential health effects of climate change

From: Climate change, allergy and asthma, and the role of tropical forests

Climate events Agriculture, forestry Human health impact
Heavy precipitation events: frequency increases over most areas Damage to crops; soil erosion, inability to cultivate land, water logging of soils; Adverse effects on quality of surface and groundwater; contamination of water supply Deaths, injuries, infectious diseases, allergies and dermatitis from floods and landslides
Area affected by drought Land degradation, lower yields/crop damage and failure; livestock deaths; land degradation; More widespread water stress Increased risk of food and water shortage; increased risk of water- and food-borne diseases; cardiovascular disorders
Number of intense tropical cyclones Damage to crops; wind throw of trees; Power outages cause disruption of public water supply Increased risk of water- and food-borne diseases; asthma
Incidence of extreme high sea level Salinization of irrigation and well water; Decreased freshwater availability due to saltwater intrusion Increase in stress-related disease; other allergic conditions