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Table 5 Research priorities for allergic reactions associated with immunizations

From: International Consensus (ICON): allergic reactions to vaccines

1. A case control study to evaluate risk factors including prior exposures to vaccines, foods, environmental factors, gender, and clinical history.
2. Understanding genetic factors that predispose to allergic reactions and particularly anaphylaxis, following commonly used vaccines.
3. Evaluation of a simplified checklist with illustrations of the steps that should be taken for a patient with suspect anaphylaxis coupled with the development of a standard small kit to be placed in immunization clinics with simplified instructions as to how to administer epinephrine, IV fluids, steroids, and antihistamines.
4. Development of an in vitro assay (e.g. the basophil activation test (BAT) to evaluate for sensitivity to suspect allergens and thus, avoid the need for skin testing and trial doses of vaccines in people who have previously had an anaphylactic reaction.
5. Development of an alternative to gelatin as a stabilizer in measles and varicella vaccines.