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Table 1 Section authors

From: Meteorological conditions, climate change, new emerging factors, and asthma and related allergic disorders. A statement of the World Allergy Organization

Air Pollution Episodes
Isabella Annesi-Maesano (Section Leader), Tari Haahtela, Stephen T Holgate, Juan José Sienra-Monge, Hasan Bayram, Gennaro D’Amato
Thunderstorm-related Asthma
Gennaro D’Amato (Section Leader), Lorenzo Cecchi, Nelson Rosário, Guy Marks, Isabella Annesi-Maesano
Saleh Al-Muhsen (Section Leader), Mona Al-Ahmad, Rabih Halwani, Basam Mahboub, Fatma Al-Enezi, Hasan Bayram
Climate Change and Respiratory Allergy
Gennaro D’Amato (Section Leader), Lorenzo Cecchi, Isabella Annesi-Maesano, Karl Christian Bergmann
Pollen Allergy and Meteorological Factors
Lorenzo Cecchi (Section Leader), Jeroen TM Buters, Jae-Won Oh, Ignacio Ansotegui, Carlos Nunes, Gennaro D’Amato
Molds, Rain, Humidity, Dampness
Jeroen Douwes (Section Leader), Maximiliano Gomez, Jay Portnoy
Allergy and Asthma in the Tropics
Carlos E Baena-Cagnani (Section Leader), Dennis Ledford, Ruby Pawankar, Mario Sánchez-Borges, Elopy Sibanda
Migration and Urbanization
Nelson Rosário (Section Leader), Menachem Rottem
The Role of Air Filtration as an Environmental Control Measure for Allergic Respiratory Disease
Gennaro D’Amato (Section Leader), Carolina Vitale, Maria D’Amato
Cold Weather
Todor A. Popov (Section Leader), Louis-Philippe Boulet, Paola Michelozzi
Wildfires and Asthma
Isabella Annesi-Maesano (Section Leader), Sarah Elise Finlay, Youssouf Hassani, David J Baker
Violent Conflict and Asthma
Donata Garrasi
Economical Aspects of Climate Change
Erminia Ridolo (Section Leader), Marcello Montagni