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Table 6 Characteristics of the SLIT-induced anaphylaxis reported in literature

From: Sublingual immunotherapy: World Allergy Organization position paper 2013 update

Author, year [reference] Sex (age) Allergen (producer) Phase Onset Description Epinephrine
De Groot, 2009 [79] M (13) Grass (Grazax, ALK-Abellò) First dose 15 min Generalized urticaria, swelling of tongue No
De Groot, 2009 [79] F (27) Grass (Grazax, ALK-Abellò) First dose 5 min Abdominal cramps, asthma, generalized itching, hypotension Yes (SC)
Blazowski, 2008 [80] F (16) HDM (Staloral, Stallergenes) Maintenance overdose (60 drops) 10 min Hypotension-collapse, flushing, urticaria Yes (IM)
Eifan, 2007 [81] F (11) Mixture (dust mite + grass pollen mix (Stallergenes) Maintenance 3 min Abdominal pain, chest pain, fever, nausea Not specified
Dunsky, 2006 [82] F (31) Alternaria, cat, dog grass, ragweed, (Greer) 2nd day of updosing 5 min Angioedema, dizziness, dyspnea, generalized itching No
Antico, 2006 [83] F (36) Latex End of rush buildup 10 min Asthma, generalized urticaria Not specified
  1. SC: subcutaneous IM: intramuscular.