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Table 1 Factors associated with longer duration or more difficult to treat chronic urticaria

From: Chronic urticaria: new management options

Factor Comment
Failure of a single labeled dose of an H1receptor blocker to control chronic urticaria Explore quality of life
Long duration (6 months or more) at time of presentation  
Angioedema Up to 40% of patients
Physical Urticaria Inquire about and test where indicated
Autoimmunity diseases/test results*  
Positive autologous serum or plasma intradermal skin test (some studies) Use upmost caution with sera and plasma
Serum IgG anti-IgE or IgG anti-FcϵRI  
Subclinical activation of the extrinsic coagulation pathway (Prothrombin fragments detected) or evidence of fibrinolysis (D-Dimer > 500 ng/mL)  
Basophil activation (CD203c+)  
  1. *Applies to adults but not children for thyroid pathology/autoantibodies.
  2. References for Table 1: [2, 4, 1321].