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Table 1 The economic burden of allergy

From: Allergic diseases and asthma: a global public health concern and a call to action

Country Year costs calculated Population (2010) Disease Direct costs* Indirect costs** Total costs estimated
Australia 2007 23 million All allergies A$ 1.1 billion A$ 8.3 billion A$ 9.4 billion
Finland 2005 5.3 million All allergies €468 million €51.7 million €519.7 million
South Korea 2005 50 million Asthma - - US$1.78 billion
    Allergic Rhinitis    US$266 million
Israel   7.5 million Asthma - - US$250 million
Mexico 2007 103 million Asthma    US$35 million
USA 2007 310.2 million Asthma US$14.7 billion US$5 billion US$19.7 billion
  2005   Allergic Rhinitis US$11.2 billion Up tp US$ 9.7 billion Up to $20.9 billion
  1. A few global facts and figures for two common allergic diseases: asthma and rhinitis.
  2. *Direct costs: Expenditure on medications and health care provision.
  3. **Indirect costs: Cost to society from loss of work, social support, loss of taxation income, home modifications, lower productivity at work, etc.
  4. Extracted from Ref [1]. Pawankar R et al.