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Table 3 Practical advice to build-up and improve tolerance for symptom prevention (secondary prevention) and to prevent exacerbations/attacks (tertiary prevention)[157]

From: The biodiversity hypothesis and allergic disease: world allergy organization position statement

Secondary and tertiary prevention  
• Regular physical exercise is anti-inflammatory
• Healthy diet is anti-inflammatory, e.g. traditional Mediterranean or Baltic type of diet improves asthma control.
• Probiotic bacteria in fermented food or other preparations may be anti-inflammatory.
• Allergen specific immunotherapy:
- allergens as is (foods)
- sublingual tablets or drops (pollens, mites)
- subcutaneous injections (e.g. insect stings)
• Hit early and hit hard respiratory/skin inflammation with medication. Find treatment for long-term control.
• Do not smoke, asthma and allergy drugs do not have full effects in smokers.