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Table 2 Studies comparing different techniques for specific IgE determinations

From: A WAO - ARIA - GA²LEN consensus document on molecular-based allergy diagnostics

Techniques compared Allergens Main findings References
ImmunoCAP & ISAC 50 HDM, cat dander, birch, grass, and mugwort pollen ROC curves demonstrated that CAP and ISAC performed equally well in cat, birch, and grass pollen. ISAC was slightly less sensitive in HDM and displayed a reduced sensitivity in mugwort pollen. Wöhrl et al. [99]
ImmunoCAP & ISAC prototype Betula and grass allergens Comparable sensitivity between CAP and ISAC. Jahn-Schmid et al. [100]
ImmunoCAP & ISAC 103 grass and cypress pollen Showed similar diagnostic performance. Cabrera-Freitag et al. [101]
ImmunoCAP & ISAC 103 Multiples allergens Concordance was 78.65% for positive results.Concordance was 93.57% for negative results. Gadisseur et al. JACI [98]
Reproducibility of ISAC 103 rApi g 1, rBet v 2, nBos d 4, nGal d 1, nGal d 2, nGal d 3, rHev b 8, rPhl p 5, rPhl p 6, and rPhl p 7 Excellent intra-slide, intra-assay, and inter-assay variability. rApi g 1, nGal d 3, and rPhl p 6 showed high variability in the individual analyses. Cabrera-Freitag et al. [101]
ImmunoCAP & ISAC 103 Latex allergens Similar performance Ebo et al. [76]
ImmunoCAP, ISAC 103, & ADVIA-CENTAUR Pollen allergens The 3 diagnostic methods were in agreement in 62.5% of cases. ISAC showed a deficiency in the detection of sensitivities to Salsola and Plantago; Advia-Centaur did not detect sensitizations to cypress. The concentration of sIgE in ISAC and ADVIA were significantly correlated for most pollen allergens. Lizaso et al. [31]
ImmunoCAP & ISAC 103 103 ISAC molecules For low ISU values (0.3 to 1), the within-assay CV was very high (>100%), as expected; for medium (1 to <15) and high (15 or higher) ISU values, the CV was 17% and 8% respectively. The corresponding between-assay CVs were >100%, 33%, and 13.2%, respectively. Melioli et al. [97]
ImmunoCAP & ISAC 103 Alt a 1 Similar performance Twaroch et al. [103]
  1. KEY: HDM: House Dust Mite; ISAC: Immuno-Solid phase Allergen Chip; ISU = ISAC Standard Units; ROC: Receiver-Operating Characteristic curve; sIgE: Specific Immunoglobulin E.