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The Scope of Pharmacological and Clinical Effects of Modern Antihistamines, With a Special Focus on Rupatadine: Proceedings from a Satellite Symposium held at the 21st World Allergy Congress, Buenos Aires, December 8, 2009

  • Martin K Church1,
  • Jorge F Máspero2,
  • Marcus Maurer3,
  • Dermot Ryan4,
  • G Walter Canonica5Email author and
  • Carlos E Baena-Cagnani6
World Allergy Organization Journal20103:221

Published: 15 April 2010


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Authors’ Affiliations

Inmunopharmacology School of Medicine of the University Southamptom, UK
Head Pediatric Allergy, Deutsche Hospital, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Dermatology and Allergy, Hospital Charite, Berlin, Germany
Clinical Research Fellow, University of Aberdeen, UK
Allergy & Respiratory Diseases Clinic, Genoa University, Italy
Faculty Medicine Catholic University Cordoba, Argentina


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