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Table 5 Results of Skin Prick Tests in a Patient With Dust Mite Ingestion-Associated Exercise-Induced Anaphylaxis

From: Pancake Syndrome (Oral Mite Anaphylaxis)

Allergen Wheal Diameter (mm)
D. pteronyssinus 23
B. tropicalis 13
Involved wheat flour extract 6
Wheat 0
Other food extracts (milk, egg, oat, barley, corn, soy, peanut, orange, chicken, pork, beef, cocoa, shellfish mix, fish mix, tomato, salmon, tuna, pineapple, and strawberry) 0
Other inhalant extracts (mold mix, Bermuda grass,* ragweed, ryegrass, tree mix, feathers, dog, cat, and cockroach) 0
Glycerosaline solution 0
Histamine 6
  1. *Do you mean "Bermuda grass" and not just "Bermuda"?