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Figure 3 | World Allergy Organization Journal

Figure 3

From: Role of Regulatory and Proinflammatory T-Cell Populations in Allergic Diseases

Figure 3

Onset of allergic diseases may be determined by the ratio of proinflammatory T-cell subsets (T h 17 and iT h 2) versus T reg subsets. A, In patients with chronic allergic diseases, proinflammatory T-cell subsets, that is, Th17 cells and Th2 cells that are capable of producing high levels of TNF-α (iTh2 cells) are upregulated. B, In asymptomatic atopic individuals, Th2 cells that are capable of producing IL-10 (rTh2 cells) may be up-regulated, and Th17 cells may be inactivated.

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