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Table 2 A Successful System--MOC in Australia

From: Maintenance of Skills, Competencies, and Performance in Allergy and Clinical Immunology: Time to Lay the Foundation for a Universal Approach

MOC and accreditation of training centers in Australia
   Training, accreditation of training centers, and maintenance of standards (known as My CPD) is formulated and managed within the RACP
   Training criteria and accreditation of training places is overseen by a Joint Scientific Advisory Council for each specialty. There are detailed criteria by which to assess competence of trainees and also for the assessment of each training position. Supervisors have very detailed criteria to meet for each trainee and must sign off that these have been met
   Once specialty status is gained, the individual follows the RACP MOC process. This is run over 5-year cycles. It is a continuous annual process that is wholly electronic--participants identify personal professional development needs, plan activities to meet those needs, and reflect on the activities undertaken as part of an ongoing professional development cycle
   The national professional society--the Australasian Society for Clinical Immunology and Allergy--is not involved in the process
  1. RACP, Royal Australasian College of Physicians.