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Table 1 MOC/Accreditation of training programs

From: Maintenance of Skills, Competencies, and Performance in Allergy and Clinical Immunology: Time to Lay the Foundation for a Universal Approach

Country/Region Original Certification Agency MOC Requirements Accreditation of Training Programs and Accrediting Bodies
North America    
   USA American Board of Medical Specialties through American Board of Allergy and Immunology certification examination MOC examination and modules 10 year cycle requiring a certain number of modules; take home test every 5 years Yes:; American Board of Medical Specialties:
   Mexico Mexican Board of Certification in Allergy and Immunology. www.conica.org Examination every 5 years and CME requirement Yes
Asia Pacific    
   Australia Royal Australasian College of Physicians Five year recertification cycle Yes; Royal Australasian College of Physicians, Joint Scientific Advisory Council
   Korea Internal Medicine and Pediatric Societies Recertification every 5 years Yes; cContact: or
   Japan JSA:; JSA Web site at No recertification system Yes; all universities and hospitals that have JSA certified allergists
   Czech Republic Institute for Postgraduate Education in Medicine (Certification Board for Allergy and Clinical Immunology) and Universities No recertification system;CME Yes; programs are approved by the Accreditation Council for Allergy and Clinical Immunology of Czech Ministry of Health
   Germany German Medical Association sets up content and duration of training; Certification is done by the respective Chamber of Physicians (per county), oral test, etc Chamber of Physicians establish local criteria Yes; 250 credit points in 5 years; however, these points may also be acquired in different related specialties (eg, dermatology, otorhinolaryngology, etc)
   Italy University gives to the Specialty the legal value on behalf of the government No, but CME is required Yes; the programs of the training are the same for the Specialty Schools
   Switzerland Federatio Medicorum Helveticorum No recertification; continuous CME required Yes; the Swiss Society of Allergology and Immunology offers yearly courses and certificates, which are voluntary; they are attended by 70%-80% of all certified allergologists
   United Kingdom PMETB and the JRCPTB, now merged with the General Medical Council No set recertification requirements; CME credits being considered as revalidation Yes; PMETB and the JRCPTB merged with GMC. These committees look after the Specialist Register.
Latin America    
   Argentina A Certification Agency may be a Hospital Residency/Postgraduate Course either at the University, an Allergy Association, or a Regional Medical College Recertification every 5 years. by (1) proof of minimum number of CME credits or (2) written test No uniform policy
   Venezuela University/Hospital None No
   South Africa HPCSA CME: 30 hours every 2 years Yes; CME compulsory for all Specialists and general practitioners to continue practice; this is randomly audited by the HPCSA; no specific credits enforced for Allergology, yet as specialty still being gazetted (2011)
  1. HPCSA, Health Professions Council of South Africa; JSA, Japanese Society of Allergology; JRCPTB, Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board; PMETB, Postgraduate Medical and Education Training Board.